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Lutron Homeworks Wireless

In total cost, it is generally perceived that wired lighting systems, by the nature of their typically larger sizes, are more expensive than smaller, wireless systems. For example, a typical wired Lutron HomeWorks system will cost $15,000 to $25,000 and up, while a wireless Lutron RadioRA starter package begins at about $1,300 and can cost $3,000 to $4,000 to cover a couple of rooms.

lutron homeworks wireless


But guess what? In terms of the per-product pricing, wireless is still a bit more expensive. Lutron, for example, sells a wireless HomeWorks system, and its dimmers go for about $200, while the wired dimmers run between about $150 and $160. Wireless is more expensive per component because the RF (radio frequency) communications and sometimes the processing are built right into a dimmer, light switch or keypad.

The newer RadioRA 2, for example, can interface easily with motorized shading systems and works with all sorts of new devices and features like smart thermostats and plug-in appliance modules for energy management. It has also grown from being limited to 32 dimmers to being able to handle 200 devices. If your home needs more, you can upgrade to the wireless HomeWorks version that supports 1,500 devices.

Round 5: The FutureHardwired lighting control systems are still the better bet for being reliable and more robust. These advantages are becoming slimmer and slimmer, however, as wireless technologies improve and become more cost-effective. If you have open walls and can afford a wired system, by all means go for it.

The QSX Processor is also compatible with all existing HomeWorks wired QS and wireless RF devices and securely connects to third-party products with the built-in Connect Bridge technology. Orders are being taken now for the HomeWorks QSX Processor with shipments from Lutron starting February 15. Note, although the new unit is backwards compatible with HomeWorks QS, it is not backwards compatible with HomeWorks Illumination.

1RadioRA 3 is not compatible with these RadioRA 2 & RA2 Select devices: GRAFIK Eye QS Wireless control unit, GRAFIK T keypad, seeTemp keypad, TouchPRO Wireless temperature control, Wallbox Power Module, HVAC controller with wireless temperature sensor

TCP Username and Password are required for initializing a telnet session with the driver. The default username/password is lutron/integration. It is required that a separate telnet username/password account be created for driver use if other devices are to communicate with the Lutron system such as the Lutron Home+ iPad/iPhone app.

Lutron Homeworks is Lutron's flagship lighting product. With a huge variety of Lighting Keypads, Dimming Modules and versatile technology, Lutron Homeworks is the most flexible lighting system on the market today. With this technology, we are able to control any type of lighting fixture, regardless of the dimming technology. Using Homeworks, we are able to reduce light switches to single gang keypads, regardless of how many lighting circuits are in the room. Lutron Homeworks is used primarily in new construction applications. There are retrofit wireless options available. There are also retrofit options for Vantage Infusion and LiteTouch Systems.

Lutron RadioRA2 and RadioRA3 are Lutron's premier retrofit solutions for mid-sized homes. RadioRA3 is a completely wireless lighting control system. If your house is wired with conventional switches, we can retrofit your home to have intelligent lighting. Lutron RadioRA3 users share the same ability to use a mobile app as Lutron Homeworks users. We have 2 keypad, dimmer and switch styles including Sunnata, Seetouch and Maestro. Each Lutron style is timeless, elegant and built to last. Ultraviolet Audio Video is a leading Lutron RadioRA3 dealer in Santa Barbara.

Lutron is the pioneer in the automated shading industry. Not only are they the pioneers, they are simply the best. With a huge variety of sizes, fabrics and design options, we have a style for everyone. Their automated shades and drapery tracks feature motors that are so quiet, they are barely audible. These motors are so quiet, we refer to them as drives. Lutron's automated shading features quality that can't be matched. This shading product is frequently paired with Homeworks and RadioRA systems. There are both wired and wireless options available. Some common applications are Automated Window Shades, Automated Drapery Tracks and Automated Skylight Shades. Ultraviolet Audio Video is a premier Lutron Shading partner in Santa Barbara. Working with customers directly as well as through Contractors and Interior designers, Lutron and Ultraviolet Audio Video will find a perfect shading solutions for you. 350c69d7ab


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