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Fivem Realistic Sound Pack | Gun Sound

New update released. Some bugs were corrected, feedbacks were taken into account. This will be the last version of the mod for now. Hope you like. I will be focusing on new mods such as realistic sounds for RDR2.

Fivem Realistic Sound Pack | Gun Sound

@MvcGyver Tell me something: Why did you include original game files in the "4.6.1" version (already rejected)? You've put in the description the following but that's a lie:"4.6.1 (12-27-2020)*New sounds and muzzle flash for the Peyico update weaponsNew sounds and muzzle flash for the ceramic pistol and the Navy revolver"Also, what a nice coincidence that you've "updated" (with original game files which is forbidden for copyright reasons...) your mod a few hours after the Realistic Gun Sounds mod got updated.In my opinion, that's not a coincidence but intentional.

@Reyser Apparently there is a competition between Xenort and me, because I was the first person who added support for Fivem and an OIV of sounds only, and then he updated his mod with the same features as mine. My 4.6.1 update only adds sounds to Peyico's weapons that I couldn't add in the original 4.6 version and that I posted on my YT channel that I would do yesterday.

@MvcGyver "Apparently there is a competition between Xenort and me" Yes of course, but to me it looks like you're not fair playing here. I won't tell more about this though.The 4.6.1 version was rejected because, as I've said in my previous comment, contains copyrighted content from the original game. Is forbidden to upload original files, no matter if are sound files or something else.

XENORT contacted me through Discord DM because he found original game files in your upload and suggested me to check the files by saying this:"In the mod changelog MvcGyver mentions new sounds for Perico Pistol, Military Rifle, Combat Shotgun (they are from latest update for GTA Online), Navy Revolver and Ceramic Pistol. But the thing is, files he provided in .oiv installer are THE SAME AS ORIGINAL game sounds. If you compare original "ptl_navy_revolver.awc", "combat_shotgun.awc", "weapon_bullpup.awc" and "weapon_gadget_pistol.awc" to his files you will find no difference."

@RisingDeep Can you stop lying and accusing everyone of wrongdoing? You only realize your mistake after you got punishment.You misunderstand the whole "competition" thing. I never compete with you. Don't make any conspiracy theories.Also, do I need to refresh your memory? Originally, I rated your mod 5 stars ( _2020-12-29_09-27-34-279.png), if you don't remember. But then, after you released that fateful 5.0 update I rated your mod with 2 stars ( _2020-09-23_14-10-01-843.png), and I actually had a reason for that, as everyone else back then. I accept that I might be too harsh, but my purpose in doing this was to make you fix your mod as soon as possible, because 5.0 was a disaster. I never made any "new" accounts unlike you. When you got caught creating multiple accounts the first time I changed my rating back to 5 stars (everyone can check that even now), because you seemed to care about rating too much.As for the original game files: that wasn't a mistake. You uploaded these files on purpose. Even in your own preview you can notice that all of the DLC weapons sound like in original game (Perico Pistol is the most easy noticeable): Yes, they do not sound totally the same, but that's because how GTA 5 sound engine works, it applies some sounds from "weapons.awc" which, of course, is edited by you.

@sharpeye0163 The shotgun sound was actually the second gun sound I made for this sound pack more than a year ago, but I never bothered to change it since I never got any complaints, but I'll look into it. Thanks haha!

I downloaded this resource [Release] Custom server sided sounds then replaced the sounds with what I wanted. I also looked at how the file pathing and the __resource.lua was done and I added custom engine sounds. If you add this once you get into the server you may have to wait a for minuets for the new sounds to load.

I play on a server where you can get your own 1 of 1 car. I picked the laferrari, but the sound is a bit lackluster. Does anyone know how to add the realistic soundpack to the car? I don't think I can do it locally. I think the owner of the server actually has to do it, but he doesn't know how to. If anyone has any knowledge on this please shoot me a pm. 041b061a72


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