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Lesbians In Tights [PORTABLE]

The last of our baker's dozen bests is "The Exorcist." In a year that saw a relentless cavalcade of series featuring superheroes, "The Exorcist" presented two men, a priest and a former priest, who battle Evil in ordinary worlds, sans capes and tights, solely with the power of their inherent goodness. This series, loosely based on the iconic William Peter Blatty novel, revamped for the second season, and was significantly stronger than the first. The homoeroticism that was hinted at in season one was fully realized in season two. The main storyline of a foster dad with a house full of misfit teens, including a lesbian abused by her evangelical family prior to foster care, was believable, provocative and timely.

lesbians in tights

THE TERM "comic book" might conjure dime-store entertainment, tales of superhumans in capes and tights. But take a look at the alternative comics scene, and GLBT memoirs full of candor and insight abound. From Alison Bechdel's Fun Home (2006) on her relationship with her closeted gay father to Ellen Forney 's Marbles (20 I 2) on her bisexuality and bipolar disorder, one sees gay and lesbian stories blossom in this marriage of the well-drawn illustration and the apt turn of phrase. Comics are at once art and literature, and the best memoirs combine the narrative power of both.

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