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Football Betting Odds Table - Benefits & Advantages of Using Betting Odds Tables

A football betting table is known for providing information about the odds when participating in sports betting, particularly for the king of sports. For each match, bookmakers are responsible for assessing and analyzing the foundation of both teams to determine the most appropriate betting odds. Of course, there are still many newcomers who may not fully grasp the knowledge of how to view and analyze betting tables.

What does a football betting table provide?

First and foremost, we all acknowledge that the football betting table is extremely important and indispensable content. If you want to engage in entertainment betting on the king of sports, you need to rely on the betting odds table to place your bets. The basic betting table will display the names of the two teams along with the odds for the entire match and the first half. It includes Asian Handicap, Over/Under, and European odds.

Moreover, for many fans, through the odds table, we can determine the foundation of the strengths of both teams. Assessing the discrepancy and providing more accurate best home teams to win today about the match. Therefore, even those who are not interested in football betting tend to update the odds table before the match.

Determining the odds from bookmakers

The football betting table helps us determine the odds provided by bookmakers. Without this information, players would not know how to place their bets. Among them, the two most important contents are Asian Handicap and Over/Under, specifically the handicap and the total goals. Currently, the betting process relies on these factors to differentiate between over, under, or even/odd outcomes.

Understanding the payout odds

In addition to the betting odds, the football betting table also provides us with the payout odds for each type of bet. Specifically, each betting option within a bet will have different payout odds depending on the likelihood of winning.

Options with lower winning odds will have higher or superior payout odds compared to the odds of other options. If the odds of two options are equal, we can infer that the chances of winning for both options are equivalent.

Analyzing the winning opportunities of each bet

Through the football betting table, we can also analyze the conditions for winning various types of bets. For example, by looking at the handicap odds, we can understand and assess the betting potential of the over or under options. Similarly, the over/under odds will also provide us with similar best football predictions app insights.

Illustrating examples of analyzing betting odds and payouts on the odds table

To further clarify the content of the football betting table and what information it can provide, we will look at the odds table and analyze specific types of bets. We'll calculate the potential winnings if successful, thus gaining a comprehensive understanding of the data that the odds table can provide.

Asian Handicap Odds

The Asian Handicap column in the football betting table is the first column after the names of the two teams. In the match between Iraq vs Indonesia, the handicap ratio is 1.5, with the representative of West Asia being the upper hand. When betting on the upper hand, if Iraq's condition to win is to defeat Indonesia by a margin of 2 goals. In this case, the corresponding payout would be the initial capital multiplied by 1.00.

In the scenario where a player chooses the underdog team, Indonesia, the condition to win the bet is not to lose or lose by a margin of only 1 goal. In this case, the payout is calculated as the bet amount multiplied by 0.82.

European Odds

The European odds content on the football betting table is the third column marked as 1×2. In traditional betting, there are no betting odds ratios, only the odds for each option. This means that if you place money on the win betting tips option, you will receive the amount multiplied by the corresponding odds.

In this match, if betting on option 1, which is Iraq winning, the player receives the initial capital multiplied by 1.38. Placing a bet on option 2, if Indonesia wins, yields a payout of the bet amount multiplied by 5.50. Betting on a draw, marked as X, and if both teams tie, the payout is the initial capital multiplied by 4.55.

Over/Under Odds

Looking at the football betting table, the over/under bet is marked as O and U. The over/under line is set at 3 goals, with odds of 1×1.00 for the over option (O) and 0.80 for the under option (U). If betting on the over option (O) and the match has 4 goals or more, the bet wins, and the player receives the initial capital multiplied by 1.00. Placing a bet on the under option (U) and in the match between Iraq vs Indonesia, if there are at most 2 goals, the player receives the bet amount multiplied by 0.80.


The football betting table is the primary means through which bookmakers convey data for fans to engage in betting. Through this article, many newcomers are surely now aware of how to analyze the various betting options available in a match. Read more: The top 10 which website is 100% accurate for football predictions?


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