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[S1E7] The Elder __LINK__

  • Gates of Avalon Series:1Episode Number:7Starring:Colin Morgan

  • Bradley James

  • Ben Adams

  • Holliday Grainger

  • Kenneth Cranham

  • Katie McGrath

  • Michael Jenn

  • Richard Wilson

  • Enemy:Terence

  • Sophia

  • Aulfric

  • Sidhe elder

  • Setting:Camelot

  • Lake of Avalon

  • Writer:Ben VanstoneDirector:Jeremy WebbProducer:Johnny Capps

  • Julian Murphy

Broadcast:1 November 2008Format:1x45Prod. Code:1.7Previous Story:A Remedy to Cure All IllsFollowing Story:The Beginning of the End

[S1E7] The Elder

Morgana has a dream that Arthur is murdered by a beautiful girl. She warns him of it, but Arthur's chivalry lands him in trouble when he jumps to the rescue of a damsel in distress, Sophia and her elderly father Aulfric.

Morgana has a nightmare in which Prince Arthur is drowned by a beautiful young woman. While out hunting with Merlin, Arthur comes across this woman and her elderly father being attacked by Terence and his robbers. He fights the robbers away with the (unknowing) aid of Merlin's magic. They kill the robbers, but Terence himself runs away. Thereafter the old man is brought before King Uther. He introduces himself as Aulfric and the girl as his daughter, Sophia. Aulfric is the heir to another kingdom ("Tír-Mòr," Gaelic for "Mainland") which was ransacked by raiders, and is travelling west with Sophia to join other family. Uther invites them to stay in Camelot for a while.

The next day Arthur prepares to go riding with Sophia again rather than attend the appointment of a new royal knight. Merlin promises to get him out of it but is again thrown into the stocks. In the forest Sophia casts a spell which brings Arthur under her control. Merlin returns and Gaius tells him that Morgana is a Seer, born with the power to view the future in her dreams. He has known for a while about her ability but kept this quiet in order to protect her from Uther. He suspects that Arthur is indeed in danger as Morgana fears, because of what he saw whilst investigating the room of Aulfric and Sophia. That evening Merlin overhears Sophia telling Aulfric that her magic has worked, and tomorrow they will be able to use Arthur for their own purposes. Aulfric says he will go to speak to "the elders." Merlin follows Aulfric to a lake, where he summons the Sidhe elders, who resemble fairies. It emerges that he and Sophia were exiled from Avalon, the land of immortal life, because he killed another Sidhe. Aulfric must remain in a mortal body forever, but Sophia may return to Avalon again if they sacrifice a mortal prince to the Sidhe elders. Merlin tells Gaius everything.

Gaius tells a dazed Merlin that Sophia and Aulfric have taken Arthur away. Merlin rushes into the forest in time to see them beginning the ceremony to return Sophia to Avalon. She is told that Aulfric cannot come with her but she must go through with the ceremony: if the elders do not get Arthur's soul they will take hers instead. Merlin arrives as Sophia has magically suspended Arthur under the river. He magically grabs the staff she carries, which was lying on the bank, and uses a spell with the staff that kills both her and Aulfric. He wades into the river and saves Arthur before Arthur drowns.

Chuck's trying to prove to himself that he can conquer his "allergy" to electromagnetic fields by exposing himself for longer and longer each day. Jimmy is not proving to himself that he'll be something great by continuing to expose himself to low-paying jobs on the up and up. He's no fan of elder law, no matter how much he pretends to be. It doesn't excite him.

Danny then goes upstairs to continue her investigation of the house. She looks for Peter in his room to talk to him. Peter is not there, she once again looks at the old photograph thinking it's weird. She then by lucky chance finds the silver cover on the lab table. The one that has the hidden red button. She presses it and sees before her eyes, the bedroom instantly turning into a science lab. Then on the security camera screen she can see an man. An elderly man who is wearing the same clothes that Peter wears. The man is serving her parents tea in the drawing room. Danny is wondering who it is. So she turns the switch off, then the lab becomes a bedroom again. Danny goes down to see them in the drawing room asking them if they have a new guest. Suddenly the chair turns and there is Peter offering her a cup of tea. Danny is stunned because he wasn't in the room a couple minutes ago. Instead an elderly man in the exact same clothing was.

Danny goes to check on her parents and they're now as good as new. They're just like the way they were before they came to the hotel. Also Danny's increased puberty has been reversed too and she no longer has the pimples on her face and she was happy her parents were okay. Finally her parents agree to leave the hotel. The next morning when they pack up the car and prepare to leave. The now elderly old man Peter is calling her from the front door. Danny is a little shocked to see him still there. 041b061a72


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