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Moshi Monsters Vs Club Penguin

hi! your room is really cool but it would be even better if you updated your blog with your moshi monster dressed up ! are you a member? it sucks cause at our school we cant get onto moshi monsters boohoo

Moshi Monsters Vs Club Penguin


hi! i love moshi monsters its so kl!!!!!!! im a member and its so much better. club penguin is so boaring if ur not a member u cant buy anything whilst moshi monsters u dont have to be a member to get things for ur house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i

on the moshi monsters loading page when iggy chases your cursor, to do this trick you need to get iggy in a corner let him catch your cursor then right click right after he catches it then move you cursor as far away as possible then just click anywhere to get the right click off and watch him fly!

My parents wouldn't let me play on animal jam or club penguin as a kid so when my summer camp went to Build a Bear for a field trip and got one of their stuffed animals I wound up playing lots of Bearvillle (pretty much the buildabear equivalent of those two gueijsufieds). I just found out a couple weeks ago that it shut down back in 2015, I'm still mad about it reeeeeee I want my gazillion roomed house, segway, and 200k+ bearbills back >:'( 350c69d7ab


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